1st ACM Workshop on LEO Networking and Communication 2023 (ACM Mobicom 2023)

LEO-NET aims to open new avenues for networking researchers to explore different aspects of LEO constellation operation and performance and shape the state of LEO satellite communication.

I am quite pleased to participate in the ACM Mobicom workshop LEO-NET to discuss the challenges related with new networking paradigms in the context of Leo constellations. 

10th ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networking (ACM ICN 2023)

In our upcoming paper at ACM ICN-2023, Jeff Burke, Giuseppe Fioccola, Dirk Kutscher, and myself offer some new ideas: We do not take as given current designs and deployment models that consider the Metaverse as an overlay application with corresponding infrastructure dependencies, as this exacerbates the current gaps (and the resulting costs and technical complexity) between distributed applications and the underlying network architecture. Instead, we assume a fundamentally information/centric system in which most applications participate in granular 3D content exchange, context-aware integration with the physical world, and other Metaverse-relevant services

NDNComm Workshop - Panel on Named Data Metaverse (03.2023)

The panel discussed opportunities and challenges for building Metaverse systems with a Named Data Networking approach. Specific discussion questions include: What are architectural, security-related, and performance-related issues in Metaverse systems today? What communication patterns could be supported by NDN platforms? How can the data-oriented model and decentralized trust establishment help in developing better Metaverse systems and at what layer would NDN technologies help?

Very glad to have participated on the panel about "Quantum and 5G/6G Architectures" in the IQT conference in the Hague. Very interesting discussions during the day about the impact that quantum computing and networking will/may have in 6G.

This contribution to the NetworldEurope Strategy Research Agenda discusses concepts and technologies essential for developing innovative services. The diversity of technological domains required for future communication infrastructures highlights the relevance of multiple innovation domains for European Research.