Paulo M. Mendes (PhD 2004) is Senior Scientist for Wireless Communications at Airbus Central Research and Technology (Munich, Germany). He is also an Invited Associate Professor at University Lusófona (Lisbon, Portugal), and an Associate Researcher of ISTAR-IUL (Lisbon, Portugal). His current research interests are: network architectures and protocols; wireless communications; self-organized networks and network orchestration; information-centric networking. Paulo holds over 80 peer-reviewed publications, 10 book chapters and 15 patents. He is an ACM member and an IEEE senior member.

Paulo's research career has been developed on industrial and on academic context. He co-founded COPELABS (2012-2019) research unit, where he was a senior researcher until 2019, and the start-up Senception Lda (2013) with focus on personal communication platforms. Before COPELABS, Paulo was a senior researcher at INESC TEC (07-10), where he co-steered the "Internet Architectures and Networking" area. Between 2003 and 2007 he was a senior researcher in NTT Docomo research center in Munich, focusing on distributed mobile network architectures, self-organized 3G mobile core networks, and active networking solutions for programmable mobile networks.

Paulo holds a BEng in Informatics Engineering by the University of Coimbra (1993), and M.Sc. (1998) in Electronic and Computer Engineering by the Technical University of Lisbon, and a Ph.D. (2004) in Informatics by the University of Coimbra. During his PhD studies, he was a visiting scholar (2000-2003) at the Internet Real Time Laboratory at Columbia University in New York. In 2019 Paulo got his habilitation from University of Coimbra.

Technical Skills:

Paulo has more than 20 years of experience in networking, and 14 years in R&D leading the adoption of disruptive technologies such as distributed networking functions, programmable networking, and new paradigms such as delay tolerant networking and information centric networking. Paulo has been active in the creation of intellectual property that was relevant for the development of industrial solutions, such as NTT Docomo’s W-CDMA-based 3G telecommunications services (FOMA), and Airbus’s cabin wireless communications. Creation of intellectual property has been complemented with the participation in several standardisation bodies such as IETF (NSIS WG), IRTF (ICNRG, DINRG), Wireless World Initiative (beyond 3G), and Networld2020 (beyond 5G).

Being co-founder of a research center (COPELABS) allowed me to develop acute insight about networking trends and the ability to ignite new ideas and initiatives in collaboration with international partners, both in the context of industrial and European projects, as well as with distinguished scholars in academia. Being co-founder of a startup (Senception Lda) allowed me to gain experience in delivering innovative solutions taking into account technical and economic expectations, as well as agile development methods enabling the collaborative effort between different people.