Paulo has 20 years of experience as computer engineer and 7 years as coordinator of research teams. Paulo has an entrepreneurial spirit, with the ability to take an idea from beginning to end, while dealing with fast-moving deadlines. 
He has a team leadership profile with capability to gather innovation funding. In 2004 he got his Ph.D. (summa cum laude) degree in Informatics Engineering from the University of Coimbra, having performed his thesis as a visiting scholar at Columbia University, New York (2000 - 2003).  He started building his research carrier at NTT Docomo research Labs in Munich, Germany. After that we co-founded the Internet Architecture and Networking research group at INESCTEC in Oporto, Portugal (2007-2010), and the Cognitive and People Centric Computing Lab (2010 - ) in Lisbon, Portugal. His research interests are in the field of self-organised systems (e.g. swarm intelligence), cognitive networks (e.g. orchestration of distributed edge systems) and cooperative wireless networks (e.g. relaying, opportunistic networking, named-data networking). His skills include Internet protocols, wireless networks, software engineering, sensing systems, as well as programming (C, C++, Java) for Linux and Android systems. Paulo Mendes has more than 80 articles in journals, magazines, books and conference proceedings and his inventions have been protected by 14 international patents.                                          

Cognitive and People Centric Computing Labs COPELABS (Lisbon, Portugal) 

Co-founder, vice-director for innovation (2010-2016), coordinator informatics and system technology group (since 2016)

  • Identify technology trends.
  • Develop industrial oriented research strategies.
  • Design of data-centric networking solutions for dynamic wireless networks.
  • Design of communication architectures for multi-connected networks.
  • Design of distributed networks based on fog computing.
Senception (Lisbon, Portugal)

Co-founder and CTO

  • Development of pervasive wireless technology.
  • Development of personalized cloudlet services..
  • Development of core networking engine based on behaviour inference.