IRTF ICNRG: Information-Centric Networking

Routing protocols to extend the reached of Named Data Networking based routing approaches to opportunistic wireless networks:

IRTF DTNRG: Delay-Tolerant Networks

The propose is to describe an opportunistic routing protocol (dLife) that takes advantage of time-evolving social structures. dLife operates based on a representation of the dynamics of social structures as a weighted contact graph, where the weights (i.e., social strengths) express how long a pair of nodes is in contact over different periods of time:
IETF NSIS: Next Steps in Signalling

Analysis of how to use the NSIS signaling (inter-domain QOSM and intra-domain QOSM) to fulfill the QoS control in accord with the ITU-T RACF functional architecture:

Analysis of the effects that mobility can cause to the NSIS protocols, and how the protocols operate in different scenarios, and together with mobility management protocols: