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Information Centric Wireless Networking

In recent years large attention is being devoted to a new networking trend focused on data centricity. The major motivation has been the development of a framework able to mitigate the mismatch between the current Internet architecture - host based - and the way most users use the network - agnostic of content location. The first proposals were focus on fix infrastructures in an attempt to devise a data-centric solution for the global Internet. On the other hand, the number of available wireless Internet access points and wireless mobile devices is growing significantly.

Hence, it is very important to have in mind scenarios where networked pervasive systems need to communicate independently of the networking conditions. In such pervasive networks, it is important to support the development of communication services aware of users’ context: the goal would be to increase data usefulness and delivery probability, as well as to reduce cost and latency. This bracnj of my research focus on supporting the deployment of pervasive networks by combining two networking paradigms that are highly correlated to the efficiency of data sharing: data-centric networking and opportunistic networking.

Journal Publications

Christos-Alexandros Sarros, Sotiris Diamantopoulos, Sergi Rene, Ioannis Psaras, Adisorn Lertsinsrubtavee, Carlos Molina-Jimenez, Paulo Mendes, Rute Sofia, Arjuna Sathiaseelan, George Pavlou, Jon Crowcroft, Vassilis Tsaoussidis, "Connecting the Edges: A Universal, Mobile centric and Opportunistic Communications Architecture", IEEE Communication Magazine, February 2018 .

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Conference Publications

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Now@ (2017): Android application that allows users to exchange data based on user interests, without relying on the existing Internet access or wireless infrastructures, based on the NDN-OPP software package. Developed in the UMOBILE project. Available on Github.

Oi! (2017): Android application that allows users to send short messages without relying on the existing Internet access or wireless infrastructures, based on the NDN-OPP software package. Developed in the UMOBILE project.  Available on GitHub.

NDN-OPP (2017): Named-Data Networking (NDN) Android software package for Opportunistic Networks. Developed in the UMOBILE project. Available on Github.

ICON (2012): Information and Context Oriented Networking Framework for Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Windows, Linux, Macosx. (Authors: Nelson Morais, Bruno Batista, Paulo Mendes). Developed in the DTNAmazon and the CitySense projects. SITI-SW-12-06

Standardization Reports

P. Mendes, R. Sofia, V. Tsaoussidis, S. Diamantopoulos, C. Sarros, "Information-centric Routing for Opportunistic Wireless Networks", IETF Internet Draft (draft-mendes-icnrg-dabber-00), Feb 2018

Technical Reports

Vasilios Siris, Chiara Boldrini, Raffaele Bruno, Marco Conti, Carlos Anastasiades, Torsten Braun, Marilia Curado, David Palma, Paulo Mendes, Bruno Batista, Ivana Podnar Žarko and Krešimir Pripužić, Content-Centric Architectures for Moving Objects, WiNeMo Technical Report, June 2012