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Active Networking

Active networking is a communication pattern that allows packets flowing through a network to dynamically modify the operation of the network.

An active network is a network in which the nodes are programmed to perform custom operations on the messages that pass through the node. For example, a node could be programmed to handle packets on an individual user basis or to handle multicast packets differently than other packets. Active network approaches are especially important in networks of mobile users. "Smart packets" use a special self-describing language that allows new kinds of information to be carried within a packet and operated on by a node.

Active network architecture is composed of execution environments (similar to a unix shell that can execute active packets), a node operating system capable of supporting one or more execution environments. It also consists of active hardware, capable of routing or switching as well as executing code within active packets. This differs from the traditional network architecture which seeks robustness and stability by attempting to remove complexity and the ability to change its fundamental operation from underlying network components. 

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