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Named Data Emergency Network Services

posted Aug 29, 2018, 2:44 AM by Paulo Mendes   [ updated Aug 29, 2018, 2:51 AM ]

Emergency services are vulnerable to network fragmentation. This situation can be improved by allowing citizens to send messages to emergency centers, and to other nearby citizens using secure, reliable wireless services, able to operate even with intermittent connectivity.

To achieve such a goal, we propose to leverage the Named-Data Networking (NDN) framework with a messaging system based on a new application, called Oi!, which uses two methods of push communication based on a new branch of NDN Android, called NDN-OPP that supports intermittent wireless networking.

NDN-OPP allows NDN to operate in opportunistic wireless networks, based on a new type of face, called Opportunistic Face, OPPFace. OPPFaces are based on a system of queues able of holding packets while wireless faces are down. OPPFaces can be implemented by using any direct wireless communication, being the current version based on Wi-Fi Direct.

To support emergency communications based on NDN, Oi! makes use of two push communication mechanisms implemented in NDNOPP to allow message exchange within the same wireless network: i) push based on special data packets (pData); ii) push based on a special Interest packet (LLI - Long Lived Interest).

Research funded by the European Union (EU) Horizon 2020 program. Grant No. 645124 (UMOBILE: Universal, mobile-centric and opportunistic communications architecture).