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Internet of Space: Communication Systems for Future Space-based Internet Services

posted May 10, 2019, 1:28 AM by Paulo Mendes   [ updated May 10, 2019, 1:33 AM ]

Keynote Speech at European Wireless 2019

Since the first commercial satellite, launched in 1965, satellite communications have evolved to provide low latency services based on constellations of small LEO satellites, and high data rate services based on High Throughput GEO Satellites (HTS) capable of managing flexible multiple ‘spot beams’ covering desirable service areas. Based on HTS and LEO constellations, the next step to boost the usage of satellite networks passes by its integration with terrestrial cellular networks, as 5G, and other non-terrestrial networks, such as high altitude pseudo-satellites. However, to achieve a full Internet of Space, there is the need to define a unifying networking framework able to sustain the specific properties of dynamic scenarios, which include heterogeneous physical layers, frequent changes in network topology, high propagation delays, and intermittent connectivity.

You can get the presentation slide from HERE.