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Cooperative Wireless Relaying

posted Apr 23, 2015, 2:29 PM by Paulo Mendes   [ updated Jan 26, 2017, 6:17 AM ]

Advances in wireless technologies, including more powerful devices and low cost radio technologies, have potential to drive a pervasive utilisation of Internet services. Nevertheless wireless technologies face performance limitations due to unstable wireless conditions and mobility of devices. 

In face of multi-path propagation and low data rate stations, cooperative relaying promises gains in performance and reliability. However, cooperation mechanisms are unstable, since they rely on current channel conditions, and introduce overhead that can endanger performance, especially when nodes are mobile. 

Hence we have been investigating a novel framework, called RelaySpot, to implement cooperative wireless solutions in large mobile networks. With RelaySpot a set o
f wireless devices are have to self-organise aiming to improve the utilisation of spatial diversity, minimising outage and increasing reliability. This increase of performanceis done in scenarios encompassing mobile devices and in the present of interference.

Major References
Patent Pending: Cooperative Relaying for Dynamic Networks. Number: EP13182366; Applicant: SITILabs (PT); Inventor: Paulo Mendes (PT); Tauseef Jamal (PT)